Dir. Kevin McDevitt

Narrative, U.S., 10 min.

When a mountain biker steals another’s “lucky” drying bike shorts, mistaking them for a curbside discard, a wild chase into the mountains ensues.


Scott tears his bike shorts while riding in the mountains. Later, he sees the ”lucky” shorts that Kyle has left out to dry, and mistakes them for a curbside giveaway. He takes the shorts, which Kyle sees. Still in his purple bathrobe, post-shower, Kyle takes off on his own bike, chasing Scott up into the mountains, and back down as well. When he finally catches up to him, they have a confrontation that leads to a brawl. All of which is witnessed by a group of kids riding through. Two of the kids take the opportunity to steal Kyle and Scott’s bikes.


Zaramok Bachok
Yakov Kolontarov


Kevin McDevitt: Writer/Director/Producer
Victoria Fratz Fradkin: Producer
Keelan Carothers: Director of Photography


Kevin McDevitt (Writer/Director/Producer) Kevin is a writer, director, and producer (Val, Sea Change), directing his first short film after two decades in commercials (Apple, Sierra Nevada Brewing). Kevin’s music video, “Good Blood,” went viral raising awareness for bone marrow donation, helping to find cures for the thousands suffering from blood cancers. For Bike Short, Kevin and DP Keelan Carothers (The Mandalorian, The Ballerina) themselves designed and built the custom e-bike rig used to shoot the action scenes.

Zaramok Bachok (Key Cast) Zaramok is an actor (Mendocino, Love, Venezia) and director (Writer’s Block) with an unparalleled passion for the arts. Born in Wayne, New Jersey, USA, Zaramok first found his love for acting in New York City, and focuses on creating authentic and organic performances that jump off the screen. He dives deep into character development, allowing himself to walk in a characters’ shoes, eventually releasing himself to the character’s control.

Yakov Kolontarov (Key Cast) A talented actor (I Think You Should Leave, For All Mankind), filmmaker, and producer (“The Holy Trinity”), Yakov Kolontarov moved to Brooklyn, New York, at the age of 8. A two-time natural bodybuilding champion, Yakov is skilled in movie stunts including combat and weaponry, and has refined his craft at Stella Adler’s Theater School and Brent Harvey’s Acting Master School. He is founder of Midnight Pictures and Kolontarov Brothers Production.