Cycling the World

Dir. McKenzie Barney

Documentary, U.S., 33 min.

One woman embarks on a multi-year journey to see the world by bicycle.

Filmed over a three year solo adventure, my documentary “Cycling the World” is a poetic narrative, self-made and self-funded for the intention of a pure, uninfluenced message to the audience. Interweaving inner dialogue with outer landscapes of Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Europe, I hope to leave viewers with goosebumps and chills, imagining their big, audacious dream and realizing that it’s worth seeking. Three years ago I began pedaling as a way to experience our planet, and 18,000-miles and 28 countries of two-wheeled, human-powered meditation later, I discovered more about my inner atlas through embarking into our outer world. This is my story along the way, narrowly dodging a tribesman’s spear, military coup, wild elephant ambush, and through the world’s largest salt flats, harshest desert expanse, below-freezing mountain summits.


McKenzie Barney
James Beatty


McKenzie Barney: Filmmaker


McKenzie Barney (Filmmaker) McKenzie is an adventurer, four-time Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, writer and public speaker. Recently she completed a multi-year, mostly-solo project of cycling 18,000 miles, 28 countries and 5 continents by way of Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Europe. She self-produced, wrote and edited a documentary film of the adventure called Cycling The World and is currently touring the film around the US.

McKenzie is a multimedia storyteller who has produced documentary films, series and content for the likes of National Geographic, Outside, FOX Sports, given keynote speeches around the country at universities, outdoor organizations, athletic teams and companies, and had her stories published on The Radavist, Bikepacking Journal and top outdoor brands’ platforms. Beyond her creative ventures, McKenzie has navigated much of the planet by human power, clocking over 6,000 miles of long distance hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail, New Zealand’s Te Araroa, Nepal and India’s Himalayas, Chile’s Greater Patagonian Trail, the John Muir Trail and the Colorado Trail. At her core, McKenzie is passionate about exploring the unknown and the interconnectedness of everything on our planet.