Larry Moon Boots

Dir. Luis Eduardo Villamizar

Documentary, U.S., 11 min.

At 74, Larry is a cyclist and loves to dance but after a bicycle injury, he gets orthopedic boots to recover and they transform his life.

At 74 years young, Larry rides his bicycle everywhere, everyday…it’s his only mode of transportation. He also loves to dance! After a bicycle injury, he decides to get orthopedic boots to help him recover. They soon become an extension of his life and now he’s known as “Moon Boots”. Featuring music by Billboard Music Award-Winning producer MOBY & Producer at Large, ATARILOGIC.




Luis Eduardo Villamizar: Filmmaker


Luis Eduardo Villamizar (Filmmaker) Luis loves to focus on eccentric people and what makes them tick. His eclectic taste in music and love of bicycles often play essential roles in his films. In 2018 he produced his first feature documentary, BIKELANTIS. Since then, his films have been selected by several international film festivals. His recent short documentary, LARRY MOON BOOTS, was shot entirely on an iPhone. Based in South Florida, he’s currently developing several film projects with his production company, LEV-MEDIA.