Dir. David O’Brien

Experimental, UK, 5 min.

Spoken in the traditional Gaelic language of the Scottish Western Isles, this is a poetic exploration of personal transformation.

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the rugged and breathtaking landscapes of the Outer Hebrides in this captivating short film. When a filmmaker, originally from Scotland and now based in Vancouver, sees his aspirations for a 184-mile cycling adventure with his sister crumble due to a pre-trip mountain biking accident that leaves him with six broken ribs, he channels his disappointment into creating a unique cinematic experience. While his sister cycles the length of the Hebridean Way, he provides support by following along in the Van, crafting meals and filming the adventures unfold.

Set against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring scenery, the film intertwines a poetic narrative, co-authored by the filmmaker and his sister during their expedition. Their words, spoken in the traditional Gaelic language of the Western Isles, serve as a profound reflection on resilience, connection with nature, and the quest for meaning in a world undergoing profound change in the shadow of the pandemic. This is not just a travelogue; it’s a poetic exploration of personal transformation amidst adversity, set against the stunning backdrop of the Outer Hebrides.


Kate O’Brien: Cyclist
Mairi Rodgers: Narrator


David OBrien: Director
Kate O’Brien: Writer

Catriona Black: Translation

David O’Brien (Director) After completing a diploma in documentary film making in Scotland and then a bachelors degree in Film and Animation at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, David O’Brien worked in a number of animation studios in Vancouver, BC. Working on feature films for Nickelodeon as well as TV shows and broadcast. With a penchant for striking imagery and an entrepreneurial mindset he was eager to work collaboratively alongside some of Vancouver’s best. He’s produced, directed, shot and edited 1000 of projects, working on everything from Environmental Activist films to social media start-ups to international Surf Ski racing competitions

Kate O’Brien (Writer/Cyclist) Kate grew up in Inverness, enjoying the local woodlands, cycles out to Loch Ness and camping in some of the beautiful spots nearby with my friends. Kate’s career took her south to study Outdoor Education and then later a post grad in Psychology. All of her work roles have involved a combination of the two, finding creative ways to connect people with themselves, others and the outdoors. Since living back in the Highlands since 2017, Kate has enjoyed working on biking projects with local schools and The Adventure Syndicate. Her main role now is leading on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion work with The Outward Bound Trust. You can also find her out on her bike, in a loch, on her skis or curled up by the fire with her cats and a good book.