Che bell’andè (What a Beautiful Ride)

Dir. Stefano Cinti

Narrative, Italy, 4 min.

This music video complements the message of the song, based on a poem by Alfredo Oriani of Faenza. It is a tribute to the bicycle.

The video takes up and complements the message of the song whose text is based on a poem by the writer and intellectual Alfredo Oriani from Faenza. It is a tribute to the bicycle. Two friends confront each other in a series of situations, during a ride outside the city between meadows, woods and an urbanized countryside. The different and opposing characters of the two characters, one more rational, sporty and competitive the other more intuitive, epicurean and contemplative, also represent the different opportunities that the bicycle can offer both as a tool for health education and ‘environment and sociability’. And so, after challenging each other, chasing each other, overcoming each other, having had a picnic and having ‘fixed’ a pedal with duct tape, the two characters will find themselves dancing a mystical dance in a pitch on the side of the road to represent freedom , happiness and harmony with the surrounding world. Through the encounter with the motorist driving a black SUV, the eternal dualism between cyclists and motorists is staged, testifying the difficult coexistence between the two means of transport but more generally also the contrast between the desire of redesigning our lives in tune with the world and the tendency to maintain the status quo. The video ends with the participation of the two characters in a meeting of bicycle enthusiasts, adults and children of different nationalities, to also show the cultural and social aspect of this mean of transportation which, two hundred years after its invention in Germany by Baron Karl von Drais, still continues to fascinate children and adults from all over the world. Among the protagonists, in addition to the two characters and the driver of the car, it is worth highlighting also the backpack, from which countless food and objects emerge. It is a small tribute to Eta Beta, the imaginary character of the Walt Disney comics.


Stefano Cinti
Guido Castellano
Carlos Ferreira de Morais Pires


Stefano Cinti: Songwriter/Screenwriter/Director
Marco Locurcio
: Screenwriter/DP/Editor


Stefano Cinti (Songwriter/Screenwriter/Director) Stefano was born in Rome and currently lives in Brussels where he had the opportunity to play with Italian, Belgian and African musicians, ranging from jazz to samba, from pop to folk music, passing through world music. His songs are inspired by everyday life, by events that have happened which he describes with irony and realism. He plays guitar and percussion (tambourine, tammorra and bodhran) and in his songs he often uses scat and beatbox singing techniques. His live performances are an ‘almost cabaret’ with the aim of having fun and entertaining and at the same time launching environmental and social messages also supported by his professional training and personal aptitudes.

He has participated in various song festivals and contests nationwide. In 2023 he has been selected to participate to: Premio anacapri Bruno Lauzi 2023, 20ª edizione de L’Artista che non c’era and ‘Il premio giovani di Amnesty -Voci per la liberta’. In 2022 he was selected as finalist for the musical contest “Alfredo Oriani e la Bicicletta” – Faenza 2022 and the Festival Cantautori ICOnA Culturale’ – Rome 2022. He was awarded third place at the contest ‘Canti Orfici in Musica’ – Marradi 2022. He was admitted to the preselections in the ‘National Award for the Emerging Songwriter (XI) – City of Quiliano Award’ – 2021. He was a finalist at the ‘Bengio Festival’ Benevento – 1999 – with the song “Solar Eclipse”. Stefano has released two CDs entitled “Musical stories” (2017) and “Musical stories” 2 (2019). He has also made four video clips: “March 22 2016” (2018), “The end of the world” (2020), “I am not racist, but …” (2022) and “Che bell’ande’ ”. The first two videoclips have obtained various awards including the title of best music video in nine national and international film festivals. As regards in particular “I am not a racist, but…”, in 2023 the video participated in the XVI ed. of the International Festival of Social Cinematography “Tulipani di Seta Nera” as a finalist and was included in the five candidates for the Rai Cinema Channel Smile Award in the #SocialClip section. In 2022, the relevant video has been awarded by the Multiethnic Orchestra di Arezzo as best soundtrack at the Arezzo Social Movie Festival and received an honorable mention at the Rome Music Video Awards, at the Heart International Italian Film Festival (best lyrics) and at the festival GENERIcamenteUMANI – San Vittore Olona (MI). It has received a special recognition at the ‘Ostia Film Festival del cinema italiano – Roma Videoclip Indie in tour’. The video has been officially selected at the ‘Video Hackers International Film Festival’, at the ‘8 & HalFilm Awards’, at the ‘Festival Cinema secondo noi – Rome’, at the ‘Video Music Festival – Los Angeles’, at the 14° edizione of the ‘Social Film Festival Artelesia’, at the ‘Mario Puzo Corto a capo Film Festival’, and at the ‘Malatestashort Film festival’. It has been included in the ‘Young Film Market’ event which is part of the 12th edition of the ‘Social World Film Festival’. It was scheduled as part of a special edition of the ‘Vision Film Festival’ to be held in Rome.
The song ‘Salt fusaie’ has been used as soundtrack for the promotional videos of the food and wine campaign organised by ITA (italian institute for trade) in Cuba – November 2022.

The text of the song: ‘A middle-aged man’ was selected at the XIV international competition of unpublished poetry ‘Parole in fuga’ and published in the relative collection of poems vol. 13 of the Aletti Editore.

Stefano is also active as an author of music and lyrics for children both in Italy and abroad. In particular, he participated in representation of Italy (nomination of the Dublin Institute of Culture) in the event ‘Cork 2005 European Capital of Culture’ – ‘Celebration of Childhood’ at the library of the city of Cork with the musical story ‘Rex the simpatirex ‘. He continued his storytelling activity (Dublin Institute of Culture nomination) in several Irish schools (2005-2007) with three musical stories: ‘Rex the simpatirex’, ‘Bille’ and the magic drum ‘,’ Who stole the dressed in Santa Claus? ‘as well as at the Italian Cultural Institute in Brussels with the story’ Billè and the magic drum ‘(2013). In this regard, one of his books: ‘Tales from the colored tub’ ed. The inkwell (2003) has been included in the national catalog of children’s books: “Liber Database 2004” of the Gianni Rodari Library.