Salt of the Earth

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Dir. Joshua Crone
2 hrs | PG

Inspired by mandate protests in Canada, a group of U.S. truckers set off on a cross-country journey that gains steam as it nears Washington. Along the way, they share their stories, their hopes and fears, their reasons for risking everything. An inside look at the nationwide awakening that the mainstream media refused to cover.



New York, NY
Sat., Nov. 12, 2022
NuBox Theater
754 9th Avenue 4th Floor
New York, NY

East Coast premiere on Saturday, November 12 at the Hell’s Kitchen venue that hosted YBC’s first two New York productions. Featuring a Q&A led by the filmmaker with executive producer Mary Fusco and theater owner John DeSotelle. Topics will include the impact of the lockdown and mandates on small NYC theaters. [Buy Tickets]

Susanville, CA

Oct. 29 – Nov. 10, 2022
Extended through Nov. 10! World premiere at the historic Sierra Theatre on Saturday, October 29, featuring a Q&A led by the filmmaker with local organic farmers Tom and Andrea Traphagan, executive producers Mark and Emily Travis, Ryan Nelson, and other convoy participants. Six additional screenings Sunday through Thursday.
Poster by Michelle Pergal
Poster by Michelle Pergal
Opening Night at Sierra Theatre
Opening night (photo by Andrea Traphagan)
People's Convoy Participants
Opening night at Sierra Theatre. From left: Buck Robben, Dennis Barnes, Conreux Robben, Joshua Crone, Thomas and Andrea Traphagan, Theresa and Steve Roberts (behind the Traphagans), Rachelle and Ryan Nelson, Emily and Mark Travis.

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Cast & Crew

Joshua Crone (filmmaker)

Born in Tulsa and based in Philadelphia, this former Marine turned playwright and filmmaker watched in disbelief as lockdowns and mandates ravaged his industry. But when FDA-approved remdesivir killed his uncle and a banned treatment protocol saved his diabetic aunt, it was time to act. He flew to California to document The People’s Convoy and to find out firsthand if this was a movement he could get behind.

Mary Fusco, a.k.a. Aunt Mary (Executive Producer)

After surviving COVID thanks to the FLCCC, Mary began sharing livestreams of Canada’s Freedom Convoy, sparking the filmmaker’s interest in the movement. When The People’s Convoy approached D.C., she drove out to pick up the footage for safekeeping and somehow ended up driving organizer Brian Brase through the heart of our nation’s capitol. She’s an art director based in Lancaster, PA.

Richard Roddy (Executive Producer)

A versatile character actor from L.A., this friend and longtime collaborator drove the filmmaker to Adelanto and helped him make crucial contacts with convoy organizers the night before departure. IMDb link

Mark and Emily Travis (Executive Producers)

Before tying the knot on October 15th, Sacramento residents Mark and Emily drove a camper cross-country in the convoy. Their hospitality and generous contribution to the post-production budget helped make this film happen.

Travis Bevelheimer (Trucker)

On the road to Kingman, Arizona, Travis Bevelheimer talks trucking, human rights, relationships, and tells how trucking saved his life. And on the home stretch to a Maryland speedway 70 miles outside of D.C. he looks back on a transformative journey and ahead to the challenges facing the convoy–and country. For full interviews see Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 11 of Salt of the Earth: The Series.

Mike Landis (Trucker, Organizer)

When not talking trucks or dirt bikes, Lancaster native Mike Landis lays out the convoy’s history, goals, and motives against the background of a snowy desert in Navajo Nation. For the full interview see Episode 3.

Mike King (Trucker)

From growing up Amish to driving a truck, Mike’s whole life has been a journey; convoying across New Mexico is just the latest chapter. For the full interview see Episode 4.

Artur Czajkowski (Trucker, photographer)

Born in communist Poland, Art knows where repressive policies lead. Now he’s trucking to D.C. with camera in tow to keep history from repeating itself. For the full interview see Episode 5.

Trucker G and Mrs. G (Truckers, Livestreamers)

With tens of thousands tuning in and Mooch and TT on the floor, Trucker G and Mrs. G convoy through the Great State of Oklahoma, sharing laughs and stories and reflecting on what brought them there. For the full interview see Episode 6.

Ryan Nelson (Trucker)

Ride shotgun as Ryan Nelson talks about raising a family, serving in the navy, converting to Mormonism, and driving a truck with his grandpa before he was old enough to drive a car. For the full interview see Episode 7.

Paul & Theresa Goldstein (Truckers)

Paul and Theresa found each other late in life and raced to join the convoy in Big Cabin. Now they’re all caught up and going the distance together, with Angel burrowed in a blanket. For the full interview see Episode 8.

Tom and Andrea Traphagan (Farmers, Truckers)

Between fighting wildfires, growing organic wheat, and raising a family, Tom and Andrea Traphagan of Sunset Ranch already had plenty on their plate when they took to the highway to protest the mandates. For the full interview see Episode 10.

Brian Brase (Trucker, Organizer)

On a covert drive through Washington D.C. the day after the convoy reached Maryland, convoy organizer and Lancaster native Brian Brase talks tactics, logistics, politics, and family. For the full interview see Episode 12, Part I and Part II.

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