An intimate black box theater and indie cinema in the heart of Philadelphia

Located across from Love Park at 1435 Arch St. Fl. 2, entrance on 15th St.

Congratulations to the winners of the 1st Annual Bicycle Shorts Film Festival!

Shear Disturbance

Writer/Director: Nate Reynolds
Andre Adderley

A timid young man deeply struggles with generalized anxiety while getting a haircut.

Le Tour

Writer/Director: Johnny Yager
Cinematography: Emmerry Lee
Featuring: Russ Hess, Jeremiah Soderstrom, Darielle Campbell, Mitchel, Ethan Valdez, Montrel Howell, Coleman Donaldson, Cindy del Rosario

A stubborn and unfriendly cyclist learns to enjoy the moment, after a supernatural encounter in a road race.

The Bicycle Thief

Director: Simon Braathen
Producer: Karianne Berge

When director Simen Braathen discovers that his bike is stolen, an all consuming hunt for the thief begins.

Blue Moon

Writers: ,
Cinematography: Emmerry Lee
Featuring: Pat Skipper, Alex Frnka, Taylor Lewis, Lizzie Fabie, Larvell Hood, Varda Appleton

A family unravels one evening as they struggle with the best course of care for their mother who is in the later stages of Alzheimer’s.



Director: John D McMahon
Masanori Naka

Finding Melania

Writer: Denise Rosamund Stephenson
Directors: Sarah Calver and Evie Fehilly

The Inconvenience

Writer/Director: Earl Shirley Jr.
Featuring: Allie Nelson, Dori Levit

Ode to Exploration

Writer/Director: Mateo Arango
Cinematographer: Roberto Olivares
Featuring: Camilo Arboleda

Recently at the Yellow Bicycle Theater

Bicycle Shorts Film Festival

Fri, Sep 22 – Sun, Sep 24

A festival within a festival, featuring two 90-minute blocks of short films. Each preselected film is screened twice. Awards include the Chick Vennera Prize for Best Short Film, the Golden Bicycle for Best Bike-Themed Short, the Prix Duchamp for Best Experimental Short, and the Golden Cheesesteak for Best Philly Jawn. Bicycle Shorts Film Festival runs September 22-24 at the Yellow Bicycle Theater as part of the 2023 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. All screenings are Pay What You Can.

Ashes Ashes

Live Theater, 1h 30m, Sep 7 –  21

You’ve met the men who built the bomb, now meet the men who dropped it… and the women they affected. Shuttling between 80s New York and 50s Hiroshima, this new play by Joshua Crone explores imagined encounters between a Japanese-American reporter, a Japanese survivor-turned-prostitute, and the pilot and co-pilot of the Enola Gay. Featuring Mayo Kinoshita, Kassidy Kimata, James C. Gavin, Joshua Crone and John Crann.

“Keep Yellow Bicycle on your radar. This is certain to be a performance space gem in our city.”

Ashes Ashes at Yellow Bicycle Theatre gives audiences a closer look at Enola Gay pilots in a tale that spans decades

By Brenda Hillegas

“Yellow Bicycle Theater is a fantastic new black box theatre and art house cinema just behind Love Park… The theatre’s intimate setting is perfect for the portrayal of real-life Enola Gay pilots Paul Tibbets (played by James C. Gavin) and Robert Lewis (Crone). You’ll find yourself down a rabbit hole of information, what ifs, and a close look at what could have been going on inside of their heads…and so many others at that time… Crone’s story grip’s viewers as we witness the pilots’ encounters with two young women who turn out to be a big part of their history – the Hiroshima survivor turned prostitute Miko (Mayo Kinoshita) and Japanese-American journalist Asuna (Kassidy Kimata)… This is a not-to-be-missed Fringe Festival pick. With only four performances left, you need to make a plan to see it this weekend or next Thursday.” [Full Review]


“Washed in the Blood” at the Yellow Bicycle Theater, with (from left) Jonathan Power, Varda Appleton and Jack Piccioni.


It’s a busy Philly season for filmmaker-playwright Joshua Crone

Crone arrived in Philadelphia in 2021, after working in New York and Los Angeles. He runs Yellow Bicycle Co. and is getting ready for a busy Fringe season.

Growing up in an evangelical Christian home in upstate New York and then central Florida, playwright and filmmaker Joshua Crone… [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Washed in the Blood

Live Theater, 55m

Thu – Sun, Aug 3 – 27

A school shooter invades the lives of a teenage evangelist, a juvenile delinquent, and a youth pastor, forcing them to ask whether faith is worth dying for. Written in the wake of the 2015 shooting at Umpqua Community College and revived in response to the recent shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville. Starring Jonathan Power, Jack Piccioni, John Crann, Varda Appleton, Dolores Susan Merino, and Billy Malone. 55m.

Black Box

Narrative Film, 1h 45m

World Premiere 8 pm Sat, Sep 9

September, 2002. A dancer visits her late husband’s station, sparking an affair. A 9/11 fireman hides from his wife and himself. His son struggles alone, caught between an army recruiter and an uncle obsessed with the missing black boxes. Adapted for the screen and filmed largely in South Philly on and around the 20th anniversary of the attacks after citywide mandates ruled out participation in the 2021 Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

Salt of the Earth

Documentary Film, 2h

Thu, Sep 7 – Thu Sep 21

Inspired by mandate protests in Canada, a small group of U.S. truckers set off on a cross-country journey that gains steam as it nears Washington. Along the way, they share their stories, their hopes and fears, their reasons for risking everything. An inside look at the nationwide awakening that the mainstream media refused to cover.

You Me Future Now

Music, Storytelling, 55m

Sun, Sep 17 at 4 pm, Tue, Sep 19 at 7:30 pm

With You Me Future Now, Los Angeles native Brian Shapiro focuses on themes of distorted thinking and the question of how to accept hard truths we may not be ready to accept. Shapiro’s music is about transformation and the will to create a more grounded and meaningful life. He explores the struggle to hold on to one’s convictions in the face of growing up in a world filled with smoke and no mirrors. Shapiro’s powerful, yet intimate voice, speaks to the hyperbolic times we live in, dismantling anger and disappointment piece by piece, to rearrange it into something far more constructive.

Now Playing on YouTube

Mummer Time

Documentary Film, 1h 10m

Strut down Broad Street with the Comics, tour an old meat packing plant full of floats with the Fancy Division, suit up with the String Bands, dance at dawn with the Wenches, and compete for bragging rights with the Fancy Brigades in this playful new documentary about the 2023 Philadelphia Mummers Parade. A celebration of life and the unbreakable human spirit.

PLEASE NOTE: Mummer Time ran at the theater July 20 – Aug 6 and is now free to watch on YouTube. No further screenings will be held at the theater.

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