New Films by Yellow Bicycle Pictures

Mummer Time

Documentary Film, 1h 10m, [Watch on Amazon Prime]

Strut down Broad Street with the Comics, tour an old meat packing plant full of floats with the Fancy Division, suit up with the String Bands, dance at dawn with the Wenches, and compete for bragging rights with the Fancy Brigades in this playful new documentary about the 2023 Philadelphia Mummers Parade.

Salt of the Earth

Documentary Film, 2h, Thu, Sep 7 – Thu Sep 21 [Watch on Amazon Prime]

Inspired by mandate protests in Canada, a small group of U.S. truckers set off on a cross-country journey that gains steam as it nears Washington. Along the way, they share their stories, their hopes and fears, their reasons for risking everything. An inside look at the nationwide awakening that the mainstream media refused to cover.

Black Box

Narrative Film, 1h 45m, 8:45 pm on Fri, Nov 10 (Marine Corps Birthday), 3:15 pm & 8:45 pm on Sat, Nov 11 (Veterans Day)

September, 2002. A dancer visits her late husband’s station, sparking an affair. A 9/11 fireman hides from his wife and himself. His son struggles alone, caught between an army recruiter and an uncle obsessed with the missing black boxes. Adapted for the screen and filmed largely in South Philly on and around the 20th anniversary of the attacks. A film by Joshua Crone, featuring Stephanie Roseman, Weronika Helena Wozniak, Alec Stephens III, Richard Roddy, Thoeger Hansen and Tim Palmer.

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