Two Wheel Curiosity

Dir. CJ Murr

Documentary, U.S., 5 min.

Scott recounts his cycling odyssey spanning four decades, igniting a sense of curiosity and leaving us yearning to match the wind.

In the arid expanse of Las Vegas, “Two Wheel Curiosity” chronicles Scott DelGiudice’s metamorphosis from an uncertain novice to a cycling virtuoso since 1994. Fueled by a borrowed mountain bike and scorching desert trails, Scott’s journey unfolds through gripping interviews and captivating visuals. From solo century rides to the symphony of wind, the film transcends sport, becoming a metaphor for life’s transformative journey. “Two Wheel Curiosity” is a poignant testament to resilience, self-discovery, and the profound impact of cycling on Scott’s life. A compelling odyssey that invites viewers to reflect on their own paths and passions.


Scott DelGiudice


CJ Murr: Director
Raymond Planas: 2nd Cinematographer
Shawn Jackson: 1st AC
Grayson Savio: Drone Operator & Gaffer



Scott DelGiudice. A seasoned cyclist with a background in snowboard instruction at Mt Charleston, to being a stuntman at a Las Vegas pirate show.

CJ Murray (Director) Amateur cinematographer and 1st time film director. A mechanical engineer by trade.

Raymond Planas (2nd Cinematographer) Amateur cinematographer and experienced film director. A mechanical engineer by trade.